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I'm not the typical techie, and I took a less than traditional path towards a job in the tech industry.

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Videos of talks I've given talks on Agile/Scrum, innovation, tech writing, mentoring, diversity, and social justice.

Blog posts

If you want to learn, embrace your ignorance

Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t know something; Embrace ignorance to increase happiness and productivity in all aspects of your life.

My favorite family tradition

Use my favorite family tradition to make a kid in your life feel special on their birthday, because everyone deserves balloons on their birthday.

5 rules to ensure your UI copy doesn’t suck

No matter how great your design is, you’ll likely need words in your UI. Let's make sure they are an accurate representation of your product at all times.

A great way to get some Tech Writing experience

An informal introduction to Quora, a great site to help aspiring Tech Writers find some experience writing instructions, and my favorite guilty pleasure.